• Tools and Sharpeners

    Tools and Sharpeners

    View our selection of game shears, tactical pens, lighted multi-tools and more.
  • USA Knives: SKOL & DAGR

    USA Knives: SKOL & DAGR

    Limited Edition SKOL and DAGR from Jared Ogden and Grady Powell as seen in NatGeo's Ultimate Survival Alaska.
  • Western Knives

    Western Knives

    The all new Western knives are here. New designs at great prices.
  • Everyday Carry Knives

    Everyday Carry Knives

    When you need a knife for part of your everyday life, click here to view the EDC offerings.
  • Survival


    Knives and tools that help us be prepared for unexpected events.
  • Striking Tools

    Striking Tools

    Carnivore TMMachetes, Hatchets, Survival Machetes, CAMTRAXTM and more.
  • Hunting Knives

    Hunting Knives

    Click here to see our exciting new hunting knives – plus tried and true models too.
  • Factory Outlet

    Factory Outlet

    Quality knives and tools with lowest prices.
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