Pre-2007 Knives

Do you have a Camillus Knife built prior to 2007?

If you are the owner of a pre-2007 model Camillus knife that was manufactured by the original Camillus Knife Company, before Acme United Corporation purchased the designs, patents & trademarks of Camillus knives in 2007, you may have special questions and/or concerns.  Below is some information that may find helpful:

Repairs/Replacement Parts – Your knife is broken and you would like to have it repaired or you would like replacement parts shipped to you…

Acme United Corporation only purchased the designs, patents and trademarks of Camillus Knives after Camillus closed its doors in 2007.  Unfortunately Acme United does not have any possible way to source or provide parts for your original Camillus Knife. We did not purchase any of the previous stock or replacement parts and do not have the tooling to produce such parts.  We are therefore unable to assist with the repair of your product.  We suggest you look for a local knife shop for assistance.

Lifetime Warranty – You have an old Camillus knife (not manufactured by Acme United Corporation) that has broken and it is supposed to be covered by a Lifetime Warranty…

Acme United Corporation did not take ownership of the Camillus Knife Company.  Long after Camillus closed its doors, we purchased the intellectual properties of Camillus (designs, trademarks/brand names, patents, etc.).  This has allowed us to give new life to this trusted brand and combine the Camillus heritage with our innovative material technologies and design capabilities.  We do not have any responsibility for technical issues or warranty claims related to products manufactured prior to the purchase of the patents and trademarks by Acme United Corporation in 2007.  Camillus knives were manufactured for 135 years and it would be beyond our ability to provide warranty support on all of these products.  We will, of course, honor the Lifetime Warranty on all of the products that are manufactured and sold by Acme United Corporation now and going forward.  We appreciate your understanding and hope that you will continue to purchase Camillus products.

Product Manufacture Dates & Materials – You have an old Camillus knife (not manufactured by Acme United Corporation) and you would like to know more about it – where was it made, when  was it made, what is the handle made of, was it made for the military…

Because Acme United Corporation purchased intellectual properties after the original Camillus Knife Company closed its doors, we do not have the ability to check the particulars or study the details of the knives that were manufactured by Camillus for 135 years.  Only a limited amount of product literature or knife history is now in our possession so unfortunately, we do not have the means to research all of the different products manufactured in the past.  In addition, it is difficult to assess the age or material details on a product that we cannot physically see.  Perhaps some on-line research may help you.  We’ve found many old Camillus knives on e-Bay and have seen several knife blogs that can be a great source of information. 

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