Tyler Freel

Hey, I’m Tyler Freel and I grew up with an obsession for hunting and the outdoors and have lived in Alaska since moving here when I was 16. I’ve always had a huge passion for the outdoors since I could walk. Now I am a licensed assistant big game guide, outdoor magazine writer, and enjoy hunting as much of Alaska as I can. My biggest passion is backpack hunting in remote areas for Dall Sheep, but have also taken mountain goats, moose, caribou, black, brown, and grizzly bears. I’ve also been a competitive shooter for years, whether it’s rifles, pisols, or bows, and earned the distinguished rifleman badge #1938 for service rifle. In the “off season,” I spend a lot of time trapping and skinning fur as well as doing a lot of taxidermy prep work. With that, much of my work revolves around and requires a quality knife, and whether it’s skinning a bear, caping a sheep, or quartering up a moose, Camillus fits the bill for me!

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