Camillus Design Partners

Joel Davis.

Home and knife design studio located in Albert Lea Minnesota.

Joel Davis was born to design. It wouldn't of mattered too much to the universe if he had become a designer in just one field of focus such as forging complex mosaic damascus patterns or completely over the top bladed tools or custom jewelry, along with forging and knife making machines, but he does all those. He was given the gifts of both artistry and engineering. He possesses a remarkable ability to harmoniously fuse and harness both of these traits into his designs, which will always emphasize dauntless innovation and limitless imagination. Throughout the process of design, the only rule Joel holds, is to never compromise strength, durability, mechanical logic and exemplary function. His designs are truly unique. He has never even thought of pursuing an idea he's ever seen or heard of anywhere else. At the age of 20, in the year 2000, Joel designed and built his first folding knife that has a spinning gear system. This is just one of several designs Camillus is currently producing. Joel is proud and honored to be represented by the Camillus family of legendary cutlery and looks forward to working with Camillus on a long term basis.

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