Tim Reames

I joined the Marine Corp at 17 years of age. By 19 I had complete my training as a Reconnaissance Marine (0321). Shortly after the invasion the Generation Kill the book and TV series elevated our status as Recon Marines. I spent 5 years in the Marine Corp from 1999-2004. I was honorably discharged from the Marines and quickly began working for Blackwater as a Contractor from 2004-2006. During my time at Blackwater I was selected as a Counter Sniper/Door Gunner on the Little Birds to support Contractor Convoys, rescues and Reconnaissance missions for various Government Agencies. After working several times with OGA (Other Govt. Agency) I was recruited to work for GRS. My time with GRS lasted from 2006-2013. I left contracting with 10 years experience working throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa totaling my time in the red zone with well over 2000 days. I now currently teach Law Enforcement, Federal Agents/Military and civilians with various tactics to include shooting skills, CQB (Close Quarters Battles) Hostage Rescue, hand to hand combat with edge weapons, vehicle defensive tactics and many more.

My hobby’s include swimming, weightlifting, Martial arts and Skydiving. In my free time I travel the nation as a sponsored shooter for Black Dawn Armory competing in National 3 Gun Matches.

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